Thursday, May 29, 2014

A very important cultural landmark

Well, we had a guest this weekend, and I have pictures and stories, and I haven't finished writing all about Provence, but I have to pause a moment before writing about those wonderful things to share this extremely important and oh so impressive cultural landmark.  The "Weckmilchstein" just outside the town of Moischt.  I don't think your life will be complete without a visit.
The Elisabethbrunne
How did we come to discover this treasure? Well, I went for a run, and after running past the Elisabethbrunne (which every time I see it makes me think of Indiana Jones) decided to go a bit further, and as I was heading home from Moischt, I noticed a sign.  And of course, I had to follow it.
Because following the arrows leads to exciting things.
 And I ran a few hundred meters into the woods on a forest road, around a hunting stand, and down a narrower path, and I saw this big, important sign, allowing me to understand the great significance of this cultural landmark.

 For those of you whose German is, ahem, "rusty", I will translate: "The Roll and Milk-bowl Stone
The people of Moischt say [the same thing but in a hard to understand regional dialect]
Because the bowl-like depressions so look like the bowls out of which our ancestors ate their rolls and milk, this remarkable stone is named after those [bowls].
An important known-for-a-long-time natural landmark on the south side of the prominence the "house mountain" of the Moischt residents. (yes, this sentence really has no verb on the sign)
It was already always a starting and meeting point for nature lovers, hikers, and friends of the forest.
For berry gatherers, it has been also always a sacrificial altar; a few berries laid upon it, and one waits in suspense for the birds to come carry these away.
The homeland and history club of Moischt has endeavored to maintain this natural landmark that is so important for us residents of Moischt."

And, without further ado, here is this "wichtige Naturdenkmal"
I'm sure its majesty has left you speechless.
 Marburg may have a castle and a tower, Schröck may have its fancy fountain, Paris may have its tower and cathedral and churches and....but do not overlook Moischt and its Weckmilchstein.
Sasha, contemplating the wonder.

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