Saturday, October 6, 2012

Home is where you hang your hat?

We've been in Marburg, Germany for over a month now, and I'm trying to decide if it "feels like home" yet. Every time I see this view, I still think it's pretty amazing.  We're starting to feel a bit less confused about everything; we've found current favorite cookies and breads and bakeries, and we can successfully get money out of our account, have found good running trails, etc. But I think we still feel a bit like we're on vacation.  Will it feel more home-like when the stuff we shipped gets here (it's delayed until at least early November)?  Will we feel more at home when we have established a more specific circle of friends?  Or will the vacation feeling stay for a few years?

For now, it's still exciting to decide which pickle variety to try this week (although folks we met at church assure us that they all taste the same) and to pick random directions for bike rides, to explore more of the surrounding countryside.  Thankfully, Sasha's bike finally came, so we'll have more chances to explore together.

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  1. Who needs home when there is a vacation feeling anyway?